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Silver Bells and Cockleshells

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The first of many trailers for Alice In Wonderland appeared all of the Internet lately, and I must say, I’m not pleased. Though I do try and refrain from any judgmental remarks on movies before I see them – and that comment is entirely untrue – I’m not sure how I feel about the Cheshire Cat being entirely animated or the fact that Anne Hathaway is playing the White Queen. I’m afraid Tim Burton is outlasting his use, and I’d love to see another director give him a good run for his money. Or however that phrase goes. Coraline was not altogether too disappointing, but was all too similar to his previous works. I understand it’s his style, but something needs to change – I’m getting tired of seeing swaggering Captain Jack and a cleavage-bursting Carter dance around on screen bathed in black, red and white. I’m also jealous of them.

...shut up, Anne Hathaway.

…shut up, Anne Hathaway.

A man is riding on his horse one late afternoon, when he comes across a wide and murky swamp. Not wishing to spend the night in the dense forest, the man longed to cross the swamp before night fell. Knowing there were no bridges for miles and miles on either side of him, however, he realized the hopelessness of his situation and was about to dismount his fare when he noticed a small boy sitting at the swamp’s edge. He called out to the young lad, who calmly turned to the man. “I wonder if you could tell me, young man, does the swamp have a solid bottom?” The boy nodded and replied, “Why, of course, sir, it most certainly does.” The man asked, “Are you absolutely quite certain that it does, little boy?” The boy simply nodded again and turned back to gaze at the water. With his horse, the man – now confident in his quest – began to cross the swamp, only to sink deeper and deeper until he found himself up to his neck in thick mud. The man cried out in a panic to the little boy, “I thought you said it had a solid bottom!” The boy shrugged and replied, “It does, sir, you just haven’t reached it yet.”


Written by Robin Lee Dunlap

July 24, 2009 at 6:10 am

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